Ayurveda is a combination of two words ‘Ayus’ i.e. life and ‘Veda i.e. Knowledge ..

Natural Fermentation SWASTHYA VARDHAK Asav-Arishta are made by the traditional process of natural fermentation in Wooden Casks with the herbal ingredients which are water as well as alcohol soluble. Higher potency Asav-Arishta are clear liquid with the pleasant odour. Its efficacy increases with its oldness.

The major Asav-Arishta manufactured by SWASTHYA VARDHAK are Ashokarishta, Ashwagandharishta, Dashmularishta, Drakshasava, Kumaryasava, Lohasava etc.

Natural Fermentation SWASTHYA VARDHAK Avaleha & Pak are semi solid in nature. It is prepared by boiling the decoction and extract of a drug and condensing it with sugar etc. It is taken by licking.

Major Avaleha & Pak Manufactured by SWASTHYA VARDHAK are Erand Pak, Haridra Khand, Vrihat Vasavaleha, Vyaghri Haritaki and Vrihat Jirkadi Modak etc.

Natural Fermentation SWASTHYA VARDHAK Bhasma & Pishti are a very fine Powder of a substance obtained by calcinations. The ingredients prescribed in the formula are grinded into fine particles with the advised procedure and kept in moon night or day time after triturating with rose water.

Nearly all the Major Bhasma & Pishti are manufactured by SWASTHYA VARDHAK.

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