Ayurveda is a combination of two words ‘Ayus’ i.e. life and ‘Veda i.e. Knowledge ..

Swasthya Vardhak Pharmacy (P) Ltd. is running an Ayurvedic Healthcare Centre keeping in view of the growing demand all over the world of providing of quality Ayurvedic Healthcare Services.
Swasthya Vardhak Ayurvedic Healthcare Centre is located at Assi, Varanasi, in the state of Uttar
(India) near the Holy River Ganges. Ayurvedic Consultancy is provided in this Centre by Qualified, Expert and Well Experienced Vaidyas for the treatment of various ailments.


System of Ayurvedic Medication in this Centre is purely based on the Classical Ayurvedic Texts and supported by over "500 GMP & ISO 9001:2000 Certified" High Quality Ayurvedic Medicines manufactured by Swasthya Vardhak Pharmacy (P) Limited, Since 1932.

Swasthya Vardhak Ayurvedic Healthcare Centre is also providing e-counselling via internet to the concerned patients by its eminent Ayurvedic Physicians.

This diversification of Swasthya Vardhak Pharmacy (P) Limited is also aimed to promote the Ayurvedic Health Tourism in this region of India. Since Varanasi is a Tourist Destination of National and International importance, Tourist comes to Varanasi from every part of India and Abroad. Swasthya Vardhak Ayurvedic Healthcare Centre is promoting Ayurvedic Health Tourism by this Synergic Advantage.

The vision of Swasthya Vardhak Ayurvedic Healthcare Centre is to expand its size and nature of operation and include all the segments of inter related and allied fields of Indian System of Medicines and Healthcare Services like Panchkarma, Yoga, Meditation, Naturopathy, Spa, Pranik Healing, Magneto Therapy, Chromato Therapy, Music Therapy, Reiki, Accupressure and Accupuncture etc.

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